Out of character update

I’m told it’s unseemly to make “funny” comments about how few readers you have so I won’t, even though that’s my inclination.  Although I just did basically.

I’m going to change the format for a little while.  I want to do some more narrative style writing rather than the phony journal format.  I’ve been writing for decades and I realized I don’t really know how to do it non-POV.  So I want a little more practice. 

Canonically for the no people who are super invested in the Grace story (oh no, I did it again), the next bit is something that happened but she didn’t write about in her blog.  In my mind this happens from time to time, she doesn’t write about everything going on for one reason or another.  Which is silly because she’s not a real person (yet), so I should write about anything that’s interesting in her fake life.  But I’m mildly silly so.

I’ve actually thought about doing this before with a vampire thing but I bailed at the last moment.  I might circle back to that at some point. 

Anyway, that’s what’s happening. Get excited! If you want. 

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