Women attacking women for money

When Kim first gave me a place to stay in Tallahassee, I was unsettled.  I was not used to staying in one place for long.  I thought I might be more used to it the second time around but I’m not.  In a way this is worse.  The apartment in Tallahassee was just a base of operations. Once I got going, I was on the road a lot.  Here I’m just here.  I wonder if I’m going to make it the 7 months.

All the PPW events are held at the Prescott Valley Event Center.  Which is pretty nice.  Especially compared to a lot of the dumps I’ve worked in.  From what I’ve seen the crowds are usually around 2000, which is good.  They go on some wrestling streaming channel I’ve heard of.  I’d be curious how many people actually watch it.

There’s only three other women on the roster full time.  Four if you count the owner’s daughter who’s the worst wrestler in the world.  They bring in other women who aren’t under contract.  The owner doesn’t believe in intergender matches so I’m going to get to know my three co-workers very well.

I’ve had a couple matches and done a couple promos.  I feel like I’m starting all over again.  It’s different when you’re in the same place.  An indy show is a one-shot, you have to do everything all in one match if you can manage it.  Hopefully I can catch on quickly.

I got a long e-mail from a woman that said she saw me in Rockford.  Rockford had to have been one of my first 10 matches.  She started off by saying how much she loved that I was “a woman that kicks ass” and how she had followed my career as best she could.  She said she was delighted to hear that I was with PPW and she could watch me regularly.

But then she turned a corner and said how disappointed she was when she did watch and she heard me using “the b-word” and slut shaming in my promos.  She went on at length about how damaging that is to women and how I need to be better. 

My first thought was “I’m a heel, fuck you lady”.  But I thought about it more.  I wouldn’t use a racial or homophobic slur in a promo because even though I’m playing a bad guy I don’t want to contribute to a culture where anyone does that.  Given that, how is calling a woman a bitch any different?  I still think she was going too far with it, I don’t think it’s the same exactly, but she might have a point.

I do take exception to the accusation of slut-shaming.  I didn’t say anything like that.  I did remark on my opponent’s appearance but I feel it was justified because they’re the ones that make their persona about their appearance.  I don’t talk about my opponent’s bodies out of the blue, but if your gimmick is all about how hot and sexy you are, I think it’s fair play to comment on your sloppy boob job.  If your nipples point in different directions that’s fine, but if you pay someone to do that and then post videos of your wet boobs all the time, I see nothing wrong with getting that in the mix.

Anyway, things are going okay.

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  1. Fair enough, I say.
    So when you’re in the same place wrestling the same people, do you do the exact same match a bunch of times? Like how many times before you switch it up?


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