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I thought that a powerful magic rock would be hard to destroy.  It wasn’t. 

I hit it with my hammer.  One hit and it broke into a few pieces.   I could tell the magic was gone as soon as it split.  I hit it a few more times to make sure and that was that.  Whatever the fuck it was, it wasn’t that anymore.

I wasn’t sure if the chain would still be there.  It was.

I thought there would be police tape like in the movies.  Or even some cops there to keep people away.  There weren’t.  I guess the crime scene would be too big for tape.  When 11 men and 2 women are slaughtered by magically controlled canines, it covers a lot of ground.

The chain was lying there.  I suppose there’s no reason the cops would think to pick it up.  There were swarms of fat black flies all over the place.  Do flies drink blood?  That’s mosquitos.  Why were they there?  Who cleans up something like this? 

Destroying it was a little more difficult.  Not because of the magic, because it was a chain. 

I went to Bermuda Gold & Silver and told them I needed to melt some metal.  The guy behind the counter was confused.  But because this is Texas, a guy there looking at engagement rings said that he might be able to help.

His buddy is a tig welder, whatever the fuck that is, and he melts things to make other things.  Not an hour later I’m 20 miles out of town at this guy’s place watching him melt down the chain.  It looked like a farm but it was just old cars and other junk.  I guess it was a junk farm.

I felt the magic go out of the chain as soon as it started to lose its shape in the little bowl thing he put it in.  Enchanted objects must be pretty fragile when it comes to staying magic.

I had him melt down the Gobel Babelin bauble as well.  For good measure I had him melt down my hammer as well.  I don’t know how magic things are made magic, but since it was used to destroy an evil magic rock and I bashed a guy in the head with it, I figured it might be turning into an evil magic thing.

Better safe than sorry.

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