Friendship is magic

I’m not stupid.  Well, I am kind of stupid, but I know when someone is lying to me.  We agreed to sleep on it and discuss in the morning.  I knew Gary and the detective were going to try something. 

I didn’t sleep, I stayed awake and waited.  It was around 2 AM when I heard footsteps.  The footsteps of someone trying to sneak.  Probably Gary, the detective might know how to actually step lightly. 

They didn’t even bother to leave the house, which was insulting.  I’ve never been in Gary’s basement but I could hear them down there.  I cast my smoke spell down the stairs, and a few minutes later they came up coughing and choking.  Gary clutching the rock in his fist like a toddler with a toy.

The detective said that she and Gary were going to do this, if I didn’t want to be a part of it, I should leave.  But I shouldn’t stand in their way. 

I told her she was always threating to kill me and waving her gun around, if she wanted me out of the way that’s what it was going to take.  She thought about it for a moment and then pulled her sidearm, aimed it at my chest, and then pulled the trigger.

Good thing I had already cast my malfunction spell on it.  I shook my head and said “So that’s how it is huh?”  She put her weapon back in her holster and came towards me.  Fat fucking chance lady. 

I’m sure that cops have some kind of training in cop school on how to wrangle with people.  And there are probably some cops that can brawl.  But I doubt any of them are women.  Sexist maybe, but I don’t think too many lady cops are slugging it out with drunks in bars.

I didn’t want to hurt her.  Okay, I did want to hurt her a little, but I didn’t indulge that feeling.  I slipped her punch and choked her out without too much effort.  I stared Gary down as I put her out, and he stood there like a terrified little dog looking at a coyote. 

After I laid her on the couch, I told Gary to give me the stone.  I saw a flash in his eyes.  A glimpse of the old Gary.  The Gary that did bad shit.  The Gary that you didn’t mess with.  I think he even started to cast a spell.  A quick headbutt put a stop to that.  He went down to the ground and I pried the fucking rock out of his hand.  I had to bite him to make him let it go. 

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