Then take it. For I, too, am certain that you will receive precisely what is coming to you

It didn’t look like much.  It was a dark black rock about the size and shape of an iPhone.  It had small white-silver veins through it.   I don’t know anything about rocks, can someone tell me what those are?  Carved into the rock was a circle about the size of my thumb and finger together with three lines on the top kind of like claw marks.  There was a smaller circle inside it, off-center, with another line on it.  It looked very crude.  I guess it’s hard to carve rocks. 

I could feel its power.  Gary was gaping at it, hands still cuffed behind his back, asking in shock “You had this thing in your purse?”

I asked what it was.  The Detective said that it was first identified in Ukraine in 1946, sold at auction in 1951, and stolen from the Chicago Field Museum in 1967.  It was missing until her husband found it in the hands of the cult he was infiltrating as part of his undercover assignment.

Which is nice, but none of that told me what it was.  She ignored me and instead answered Gary’s question of why she had it.  She said that her husband had stolen in from evidence when the cult was taken down.  He stuck it in a storage locker and would go “visit” it.  More and more often as time went on.  She said that before he died, he was going there multiple times a day.

I asked her again what it was.  She said that it was something her husband died to keep out of the hands of the Swede.  I told her to stop being fucking cryptic and withholding and tell me the whole story.  She said “You need magic help, here you go, help me kill the man who killed my husband and it’s yours.”

Gary looked at it with lust in his eyes.  He said that with it, and his Gobel Babelin artifact, and the Swede’s chain we could do the spell ourselves and we wouldn’t need any help.  I asked him what he was talking about with the chain. 

He said that the Swede didn’t just wear a chain around his neck to look like an 80s punk rocker, it was an object of magic too.  I asked him why a length of chain would be magic.  He said that it was from the first slave ship that came to America.  I said I didn’t want to know anymore. 

The detective said that a good way to get the chain would be to kill the man wearing it. 

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