Although we’ve come, To the end of the road

I finished up all my bookings before I head to Phoenix.  I left myself about a week and a half to screw around with Gary.

My show last night was a make-up for the tournament finals that didn’t happen before.  Things didn’t go great.  Again.

Kinross told me that she had changed her mind.  She wasn’t going to retire just yet.  Not surprising.  Wrestlers retire a minimum of 6-7 times before it takes usually.  She said that she didn’t want her final match to be in Clarksburg, West Virginia.  She asked me to come to the UK with her for a series of matches.

I told her I couldn’t do that because I don’t have a passport.  She said, reasonably, that I could get one.  I told her that I don’t really have any official paperwork.  I don’t know where I was born or what my name is or anything.  She got hot about that.

Sometimes I forget that I could just go and get a SSN.  It would probably be a pain in the ass but I’m not on the lam or anything, I’m not a criminal, I just fell through the cracks of the system.  It could be fixed. 

So things were already sour.  Then she wanted to change the match.  With the Danger Girls out, we were working Cellblock 62 in the finals.  We had a really good match with them before in the tournament.  We were supposed to have a highly competitive match.  Kinross wanted to change the match to a squash.  She said that because this was her last match, she wanted to look strong. 

Since she had just told me she was going to keep working, I didn’t like that she was lying to try and get her way.  She didn’t like that I didn’t back her up.  I said we should just try and have a good match.  Then Stew got bristly with me for not backing up his “aunt”.  I may have made some comment like “Why the fuck are you always hanging off her leg anyway?  Are you a little kid instead of a man?”

It wasn’t a good night. 

The match was okay.  I could tell that Kinross was squeezing Arenta for real at one point.  I hate that shit.  You want to fight someone, fight them.  Don’t hurt them when they’re giving their body up to you.  That is about as chickenshit as you can be.

It sucks because I’ve really come to like Kinross.  She seems like someone I could be friends with.  Even though we only tagged a handful of times, she taught me a ton.  And I know she could teach me so much more.  Maybe it’s just the stress of being at the end of her career and she’s not really a raging bitch.  I hope that’s the case.

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