Pretty Woman 2 – The Revenge

A while back I got a call about being in a weird movie about maids.  I got another call today about being in a movie as “screaming naked woman at bus stop”.  Which was odd.  I figured it out.  Turns out I’m not the only Amazing Grace.

In 2010 there was a woman who wrestled as Amazing Grace for a little while.  She quit the business to be a model/actress.  She’s done enough to have an IMDB page featuring roles such as – nude woman in locker room, pretty woman, female jogger, hot yoga woman, and stripper.  She was even in a movie I had heard of in the role “woman in bikini”. 

Those calls were people trying to get in touch with her and getting me by mistake.  It would be pretty funny if I showed up on set when they thought they were hiring her.  I wonder if they would say anything or just go with it.

When I was researching that Amazing Grace, I found out there’s been two other Amazing Graces in wrestling.  Sadie Gibbs wrestled as The Amazing Grace for a while.  As did a woman named Priam who died in a motorcycle wreck in 2017. 

I’m the only active Amazing Grace but it’s enough to make me consider a name change.  Maybe when I debut with PPW, I should do so with a new name.  I think I need a new finish too.  I like the cobra clutch as a heel finish, but I need something that I can end matches quickly with. 

I like moves that are halfway like real things someone might do in a fight, so I’m thinking for a new or second finish I’ll use an armlock-knee strike to the head.  I was listening to a book the other day where an army guy said Alpha Mike Foxtrot, meaning Adios Motherfucker.  That seems like a good name for this move. 


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