Danger Zone

Last night Kinross and I were supposed to win the tournament finals.  We did not.

I’ve heard my peers talk at GREAT length about how cutthroat the business is.  I always thought they meant in general with shady promoters and everyone out for themselves.  But I understand now what they mean by backstage politics. 

The final match was supposed to be us going over The Danger Girls – Victoria Savage and Sonia Savage (no relation).  But they just signed with Major League Wrestling and the MLW people didn’t want them taking a loss before their debut.  They wanted to do a DQ or a non-finish.

The guys in charge of the tournament insisted that Kinross and I go over clean.  It seems like a lot of territorial pissing for nothing to me.  I don’t think anyone outside of England cares about this tournament and probably not that many people in England either.  I also don’t think anyone who watches MLW is going to know or care about an indy show in Fort Wayne.

I did what I always do – I suggested turning it into an angle.  Have someone come out as an MLW official and say they were yanking their team from the tournament because it’s small potatoes and they don’t want their superstar bigshots possibly getting hurt in a BS indy match. 

Kinross and I come out to take our win by default and then the Danger Girls appear and say “you got your dumb trophy but you can’t beat us, let’s fight anyway” and then we do a brawl with no ending or a pull apart or something.  No one looks weak and it sets up a match for later if anyone wants it.

It was a pretty good idea that no one listened to.  The promoter of the show got pissed that the two sides couldn’t agree and scrubbed the whole thing.  I had to beg him to let Kinross and I do a singles match. 

And then she stiffed the shit out of me.  Which pissed me off.  I’ve been busting my ass to make her look good in our matches and that’s the thanks I get?

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