Take, take, take

Kinross and I lost our first tournament match last night in Tulsa.  We have one more match, which we’re going to win, and then we’ll be in the finals.  Stew was there with her and I’m 99% sure now that he was flirting with me. 

Not exactly sure what to do with that.  But it’s fun. 

Gary asked me why I didn’t buy a camper van since I was on the road all the time.  I reminded him that backstage at the show, a guy was telling him about how he fished in couches for change so he could buy bread.  And was hospitalized because he got super sick because you can’t live on Wonderbread and nothing else.  Somehow he didn’t get it.

I told him that if he wanted to buy me a camper van to go right ahead.  And he did.  We drove to a dealer he found online and he wrote a check for a High-roof 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter 3500 cargo van 170 extended version that had been converted by Sportsmobile in Fresno.

It felt gross.  But I didn’t say no.  I didn’t even pretend to say no hoping that he would insist.  Even though I didn’t like it, there was also part of me that was screaming “ask for more, ask for more!”  Part of me wanted him to cut me a check for 20 grand right then.  Why not?  He can afford it.

Things got worse when he got all mushy on me.  He said that no one had ever really cared about him before – not really.  I wanted to say that I didn’t care about him either but I knew what he meant.  I was trying to help him.  I don’t think I’m doing a great job.  Dragging him across the country to wrestling shows and giving him shitty speeches is all I have.  But it’s something.

In order to change the subject, I told him about Eterno.  I expected him to either think it was BS or not know anything about it.  But I was wrong.  He said that if Eterno was really the victim of a “spiritual corruption” spell, he knew a way to break it.  But it would take a lot more power than we had.   

I told him I knew a couple other magic people but they were unlikely to be interested.  He said that he had some candidates.  I didn’t think he kept in touch with his Cornell Magic Club buddies, but he said it was someone else.

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  1. Sweet! A Mercedes Sprinter van is my secret fantasy, the only thing resembling an RV that I would ever consider.

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