Showdown in the Killeen–Temple–Fort Hood metropolitan area

Sometimes movies make a point to say that killing is bad.  I’m not sure why they do that.  In the real world, most people know that murder is a pretty big deal.  And the people that don’t know that aren’t going to see the light because of a speech by Casey Affleck. 

I asked Gary if he had ever killed anyone.  He said that he hadn’t.  I’m not sure I believe him.  It doesn’t matter I suppose.  It’s not like I could use him as an executioner to take out bad people and pretend like my hands were clean.  As tempting as that idea is.

I don’t know what’s going on with the veterinarian.  Maybe he’s a blood mage.  Maybe vampires are real.  Maybe he’s just a normal asshole criminal.  There’s no reason you can’t call the cops on a blood mage, or a vampire if they exist though right?  They’re still murderers. 

The Asian Girl can mess with people’s heads, maybe this guy can too.   But that’s no reason to escalate straight to “I’m an action hero and I’m going to kill people, hand me an M16 with an under barrel grenade launcher!”  I’d like to think I have a little more sense than that.  Before you go John Wick and crush ass, do a little research.

Phillip told us that The Veterinarian has offices in Austin, but he stores all his illegal shit at an old slaughterhouse in Temple.  On the drive, Gary was wondering if he had been fired yet.  I was wondering if someone had called the cops and reporting him as a missing person.  We should probably do something about that.

I worked a show in an abandoned slaughterhouse once.  They say smell is the sense most strong linked to memory.  If that’s true, I’ll never forget that place because the stench is burned into my nose.  At the time I thought that a derelict slaughterhouse in the middle of town was as creepy as it got.  Turns out that a functioning slaughterhouse out in the woods is worse. 

There was a guy on the roof with a rifle, which I thought was a good indication that something fishy was going on.  I don’t know much about the meat packing industry but I don’t think you normally have armed guards on the roof.  Pretty sure.

I was about to turn to Gary to tell him it was time to stop being a baby and help me magic our way into the place.  I had speech all prepared about how in the movies, Superman gets sad sometimes because he didn’t save his girlfriend.  He swears to never use his powers again.  But then Jesse Isenberg puts a bomb on the president’s dick so Superman realizes that he has to do the right thing.  Our gifts come with a price of accountability.  I think it was a pretty good speech. 

I didn’t get to deliver it though because at that moment I saw the Atlanta detective walk out of the killing shack talking to a couple West Texas shitkickers.

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