I met Joe DeRosa once, he seemed alright

A lot of older wrestlers like to play the world-weary veteran role and dispense nuggets of wisdom to the young bucks. Regardless if they want to hear them.  One of the very few advantages of being in the biz for a while is that the new guys feel obligated to pretend to listen to you.

I remember one of these wise elders saying that if you’re going to marry a stripper it shouldn’t be an all nude one.   And especially not one that gives handjobs in the backroom for a 100 dollars.  Because, as this wise man explained, those sort of strippers hate men.

100 dollars for a handjob?  That’s crazy. 

I don’t know what kind Kandy Kane is, but she seems legitimately concerned about Phillip even though she’s only “sort of” dating him.  It would be sweet if he wasn’t a garbage person.

Remember in Better Call Saul the criminal fixer guy that was a veterinarian?  That seemed silly to me when I saw it.  But now that I’m dipping my toe in the criminal veterinarian world I realize that it makes sense.  A vet has drugs.  A doctor can write you a prescription, but a veterinarian actually has the stuff you want.  And they don’t work at a hospital so they’re the only ones keeping track of their stock? 

Selling drugs is a no-brainer.  And then one of your drug friends gets shot and they come to you because you can patch them up.  And then we’re off to the races.  As a hub for drugs and discreet medical care, you get to know all the players, the logical next step is being a middleman.  A veterinarian clinic is good for laundering money too I bet.

Plus veterinarians murder dogs and cats all day long so they’re probably dead inside.  Looking at the facts, it’s probably unusual for a veterinarian not to be a criminal facilitator.

I asked Gary if vampires were a real thing. He did not know.  He didn’t even know that ghosts were real.  I had to tell him that.   My bet is that Mr. X is “just” a blood mage, I could see how a normal person would think “vampire” if they encounter blood magic. 

The question remains, what to do about it.


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