Jenny Dreadful

Part of the reason the promoter was so pissed at me is because he was already pissed.  The cops had been backstage hassling everyone.  Not for the usual reasons.  El Paso PD showed up to tell Jenny Dreadful that her boyfriend had been shot in the face in a hotel in Austin.  She was upset by this news.  Go figure.

Once she was done crying, she got mad.  Jenny Dreadful said that whatever happened to her boyfriend was the fault of his brother Phillip.  She didn’t have anything to back up this accusation other than that Philip had done six months in Bridgeport for selling veterinary drugs to junkies and that he was “no good”.  The cops didn’t seem terribly interested in following up on that. 

When I talked to her, she said that Phillip must have done something because she couldn’t get a hold of him.  I suggested that he probably wasn’t missing.  He was just likely not inclined to return the many screaming abusive messages she left him.  She insisted that was not the case.  She said she had contacted his parents and they hadn’t seen him either.  She claimed they always knew where he was.   Being a 33 year old loser who lives at home, as she labeled him.

Maybe they’re just covering for him, but either way I told her Gary and I were on the case and would find him. 

Casting my finding spell with Gary assisting was way easier than doing it myself.  Almost twice as easy, you might say.  A good reminder of why I need to get a cult going.  It’s hard to figure out what the first step is.  Maybe I should give Eric another call.

He didn’t want to help me do it.  He said that magic is an addiction.  That he needed to avoid the rush of working magic as part of his recovery.  He talked about it like it was a drug.  A really great drug.  I told him he was doing it wrong..  For me working magic is like doing a math problem.  It feels kind of good when it finally works, but that’s more relief than anything. 

I bullied him into doing it in the end.  It wasn’t hard.  He was prepared to kill himself last night so he’s not in the best frame of mind.  It’s for his own good though.  Bullying has positive aspects sometimes.  No one talks about that.

My spell says that Phillip is in Del Rio.  That’s a good seven hour drive.  I didn’t trust Gary to drive anywhere except off a cliff so I had him spring for a room at the Plaza.  We’ll get up early and solve the murder tomorrow.

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