Why do we send rovers to Mars if not to rescue people from blood sacrifice?

I had a dream last night that aliens abducted me.  They took me to Mars and put me on a big red pyramid and cut my heart out to fuel a blood magic ritual.  If aliens showed up, people would freak out.  They would probably be so freaked out by aliens existing they wouldn’t care if they did magic.

They say that we’ll never meet aliens even if they exist because physics says there’s not enough power to get a ship anywhere.  Space is big it turns out.  But what if they could travel by magic? 

Last night I had my first tournament match with Kinross.  We faced the team of Bloodsprint and Massacre Girl.  I think they’re trying a little too hard with those names.  I realize there’s no pleasing me when it comes to wrestling names.

Kinross doesn’t look good, but she looks great for 55.  It’s amazing how non-broken she is for being in the biz almost 4 decades.  She’s a tough broad.  It’s not something I’m proud of, but I often assess in my mind if I could handle other women if I “had to”.  Not many worry me, but I think I’d have my hands full with Kinross even though I’m 30 years younger. 

The match surprisingly went well.  It’s easier do a tag match when all I need to do is get beat up, make a hot tag, and then my partner cleans house and gets the win.  I’m much better at taking a beating than looking good giving one out.

My right knee has been bothering me and my healing spell doesn’t seem to do much.  This supports my theory that the spell accelerates healing and therefore can’t fix something that wouldn’t heal on its own.  This likely means that something is permanently fucked up in my knee.

I’d like to ask a doctor.  Wrestling shows are required by law to have one around.  I’ve never seen it happen. 

At one of my first shows, there was a “doctor” that said he had to examine everyone before the show.  Correction, not everyone, just the women.  Correction, not all the women, just the two on the show that weren’t me. 

Being new and stupid, I ran to them and told them breathlessly that it was a scam.  One of them looked at me like I just asked her when Santa was going to come.  They knew it was a scam.  They were willing to get groped to be on the show. 

I told myself that if I ever saw that guy again I’d beat his ass.  But I probably won’t. 

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