Did the car in Christine talk or what am I thinking of?

I was headed to a show in Lacrosse so I stopped in Plainview to visit Benji and Tommy.  They run a scrapyard outside of town.  We had traded a few messages after I found Dennis’s body.  We talked about that for a little bit.  It was awkward.  

I wanted to visit because I had read online people complaining  that their cars would stop working right around the scrap yard for no apparent reason.  I’ve been experimenting my magic in terms of machines.  I can mostly confirm that the reason my shitty old cars keep running is because I’m doing something to them unconsciously. 

Which is kind of fucked up when you think about it.  I don’t like the idea of magic happening without me being aware of it.  I think because I worry so much about my car breaking down so much, I made a spell without meaning to.  Which is scary.

I haven’t had any success at fixing anything with magic but I’ve gotten decent at breaking shit.  I’ve left a string of dead clock radios across the land.  I would have thought that electrical stuff would be easier to fritz than mechanical but it’s the other way around.  Maybe the simpler the technology the better magic works on it? 

Tommy and Benji confirmed that a couple times a week they see someone out by the road standing by their car looking confused.  Certain people think it’s aliens.  I guess alien people think that aliens like shutting off cars. 

Benji and Tommy told me that they tow the cars a few miles down the road and then they start right up again.  Since they used to be wrestlers and old wrestlers are conmen, they usually scam the people out of a few bucks anyway, saying they fixed something.  Since there’s no retirement plan for wrestling and they’re both in bad shape physically and their job is running a scrap yard, I can’t blame them really.

I’m told in other countries people aren’t into cars like we are here.  I guess it makes sense, cars seem like a very American thing – power and freedom and environmental disaster all in one.  You can just get in your car and go.  Leave all your responsibilities behind.  Run people down if you want.  Some people name their cars and give them personalities.

What is a wreck yard then?  A graveyard for cars.  A place piled high with the corpses of important symbols.  A place where Herbie is dismembered and sold for parts like organ trafficking.  I could see some magic shit happening there.

Nothing happened to my car when I was driving around, but I spent a couple hours walking around and I felt something.  It was like when Stella (RIP) tried to cast her spell on me and my wards knocked her magic away.  A brief feeling of pressure. 

I’ve got a few days before I need to be in Sheboygan so I’m going to come back after the show and see what I can do to investigate.

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  1. It was an actually an episode of X-Files with a talking tattoo that I was thinking of. Not sure how I got that mixed up with a car.

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