Crime and punishment

I found out that dolphins can commit suicide.  I assumed only humans were smart enough to kill themselves.  When a dolphin in captivity has had enough, it swims to the bottom of the tank and drowns itself. 

I wasn’t thinking about the future when I ambushed the people that killed Stella.  I just wanted them to feel pain.  I knew it wouldn’t make me feel better but emotions.  You know.

When the police showed up, I figured I was going to prison.  Assault with a deadly weapon.  Causing bodily harm with intent.  Aggravated battery.  Attempted murder maybe.  Any number of things they could charge me with. 

The police were looking for Craig and Davenie.  They had warrants for them.  They had matched DNA from the scene where Stella died to both of them.  Plus, Andrew flipped on them when questioned. 

Turns out when you claim self-defense against a wanted murderer and a wanted rapist murderer, the police just say “okay”.  I could tell that one guy there was thinking “this doesn’t look like self-defense to me” but a couple other cops took him aside and explained it to him.  He didn’t look happy about it.  I saw him staring at me.

Imagine how mad he would have been if he knew I had a woman in my trunk.  I let her go later.  So it’s fine.

If Craig ever wakes up, he’ll probably go to prison for a while.  20 year sentence maybe.  I’m told that right away you cut that in half.  And then if you don’t cause any trouble while you’re in there, you cut it in half again.  5 years for raping Stella and torturing her to death.  Doesn’t seem right.  But nothing does.

Davenie probably won’t do any time.  She can say that Craig made her do it.  They don’t like putting women in prison for murder.  It upsets people.  Women are non-violent.    

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