Less than zero

Between Doug and Kim I was able to get a gig training at the school for All-Star Wrestling in Omaha.  The story was that I was rehabbing an injury and needed to be off the road for a while.

Kim’s school is just his nephews and a couple other guys who are practicing between shows more than learning.  All-Star is the opposite, there are a ton of people there and none of them know anything.  I doubt any of them will ever be considered a star of any kind.  Let alone ALL.  I guess everyone sucks at first though so maybe I’m wrong.

It’s a shit show, but it allowed me to spend a few weeks staking out the Thurston Hotel.  I swapped my car with one of the trainees for his 2001 Ford Explorer just in case they would know me by my ride.  All the time on the road living in my car prepared me well for a stakeout.  Maybe I should be a PI.

I saw Craig and a woman come visit the overnight manager at the Thurston several times.  She looked both terrified of them and eager to see them.  Like a hooker when a pimp comes to pull a rough john off her.  It’s a mixed blessing. 

Craig looks like Robert Downey Jr in Less Than Zero.   Only missing a front tooth and tougher.  I think Andrew was the bottom in that relationship without a doubt.  I’m sure without Craig cheering him on Andrew would have just been a garden variety douchebag instead of a rape-murderer. 

Andrew had probably a hundred pounds on me and I wasn’t scared of him in the least.  This guy’s a different story.  I need to be careful with this one.  His girl looks like an ice skater I saw on the Olympics – tall and kind of spindly with dark hair.  Pretty, but like a doll is pretty not like someone you’d want to fuck.

I found online that her name is Davenie Johanna.  I’ve never heard that name before.  Davenie.  I wonder if she’s from overseas.  I figured out that she’s the one recording in a lot of their bullshit posts.  She really laughs her ass off when they do their classic ‘pants an old man at the ATM and dry hump him’ bit.  She has a very pretty laugh. 

The easy move would be to go into the hotel and wait for them to come for me like they did for Stella.  But I don’t want to be on the defensive.  I want to know where they’re going to be before they’re there. 

I don’t think it will be too hard to set up.

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