Do No Harm

Do you ever think about how strange the doctor oath is?  Do No Harm.  No one is supposed to be doing any harm to anyone.  Why do doctors need to specifically be told that?  It makes no sense.

Following my spell took me across the river into Iowa I think.  Somewhere near Council Bluffs maybe.  I knew it was going to be bad.  Have you ever been outside before a storm?  You can feel it in the air.  It’s seeing someone shouting when you’re too far away to hear them.  You can tell that things are going to get fucking crazy soon.  I got the same feeling around one of my foster “brothers”.  They decided later he has PTSD.  I think he’s just an asshole.

When I pulled off the road into some woods, I knew she was dead.  My headlights swept around and there she was.  One moment darkness.  The next I see her naked and lying in the dirt like a broken Barbie.  Her eyes looked like glass.  It didn’t look real.  But it was.  She had cuts all over her body.  Dozens of them.  Hundreds maybe. 

I got out of my car and stood there looking at her as bugs attacked my headlights.  I just stood there like that for a long time.  Eventually I realized I wasn’t alone.  Parked nearby was a Ford Focus Station Wagon.  The back was open and a guy was sitting there with his arm on a cooler like he was tailgating.  There was a bunch of camping gear behind him.

He was the kind of bigger guy that doesn’t seem menacing.  He looked like a kid who was a lineman in HS and now works in a Wal-Mart warehouse.  Large but soft.  His skin was in rough shape but I don’t know if they were acne scars or what his affliction is.  He looked more like someone who should be LARPing than a murderer.

He seemed very pleased with himself.  He gestured at the body and said “you like that?”  He grinned and started talking about what he and his friends had done to her, and what they were going to do to me.  He had video that he could show me if I wanted to see.  He said that the Thurston Hotel was their turf.  Trespassers were not welcome. 

He had a gun shoved into his pants, pointed right at his dick.  He had a buck knife on his hip too like a fucking asshole.  He didn’t have either of them out though.  I guess he thought he didn’t need them to handle me.  He was wrong. 

He asked me if I was a virgin.  I didn’t want to hear him talk anymore.  I wanted to hear him scream.  Scream like he made her scream.  I blinded him with my light spell.  Then he did go for the gun.  Which is stupid.  He should have gone for the knife.  You can still use a knife even if you’re blind when your opponent has to get close. 

I circled around the wagon and came up beside him.  I grabbed his gun hand and he fired wildly.  I forget how loud guns are.  I couldn’t hear anything for a while except a whining noise in my ears.  I got him in an arm trap choke until he dropped the gun.  I kicked it away and then I pulled his stupid fucking knife out of the sheath and tossed it too.

I hit him with the light spell a few more times.  I wonder if that can blind someone permanently.  I hope so.  I bent back on his knee joints until I could feel the muscle separate from the bone.  Wrestling is funny.  It’s fake but it can teach you how to hurt people for real. 

I sat by a tree until he regained consciousness and then I hurt him some more.  I did that a couple times.  I could see his lips moving but I couldn’t hear anything he said because of the ringing in my ears.  When I started being able to hear him wheezing and gasping and crying, I figured that was enough. 

I called 911 but I didn’t know where I was.  It was an hour and forty two minutes before a cop car showed up.  I told them I was worried about my friend. I told them I had an app on my phone to track her phone.  I told them it led me out here.  One of the cops looked like he was 17.  He looked pretty scared.

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