Be Kind Please Rewind (Out of character)

Is there anything grosser than a non-published author waxing poetic about their “process”. Yes. Assassin bugs. And house centipedes. And river dolphins. I hate those things.

My loyal and stalwart and tall editor has pointed out that the run with the Thurston Hotel, while engaging and interesting and horrifying, was muddled and confusing. Looking back I agree. There’s a part of me that says “just leave it, the idea is that Grace is writing this so it’s not always going to make sense” but that’s pretty lazy.

Point being I’m going to delete a few posts and then re-write and re-upload. “Jeremy why don’t you just edit them inline?” Because then no one would read them. Insert joke about how no one will read them anyway here.

I think there is one person who reads this although they’re way behind in the timeline. If you get to this mytarotpsychic1, thanks for reading. I thought you were a bot at first, but now I don’t. If you are a bot, please disregard.

Originally Grace was just going to meet Stella and it was just one post and that was it. But I feel like I’ve been making two main mistakes with this blog. 1A – LOST SYNDROME aka introducing interesting ideas and then doing nothing with them. 2B – SEXY LAMP SYNDROME, aka Grace not having agency or doing anything. I’ve had too many posts where Grace goes and meets someone or sees something and nothing happens. The other person is the one doing something.

Again, part of me says “this is a fake journal so that’s fine” but it’s not. That’s just more laziness. So to avoid the Lost Sexy Lamp, I came up with the storyline that Grace finally gets a magic friend, they do something cool (to me) and then horrible murder because as my buddy Little Louie points out “everything you write about is horrible”. I’m not this morose in real life I swear. I’m kind of funny. Once you get to know me. I’m bad at cutting material for masks though even though I try really hard.

I probably should have done something more with the Stella is selling (not) zombies to gangs for the drug war, but that seemed like a thorny issue to tackle. Plus then it would be Grace getting involved in someone else’s story, so we’re back to Sexy Lamp.

Point is I’m a bad writer and I’m initiating a do-over. Thanks for your time. No refunds.


  1. It’s been brought to my attention that my opening line is offensive to some people – my apologies, I was being self-deprecating, I did not mean to imply that anyone’s writing isn’t important or good because they haven’t been published.

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  2. No refunds requested.
    Great stuff!
    I’m back, got alot of catchimg up to do since reading it all starting in Sept. 2020 then paused in Feb 2021.
    Very entertaining trip – very unique writing.
    I’m diggin’ it.
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    Created the video and presented to WWF as a kids show during my 4+ year association with Jakks as their main A/F designer; BCA, TitonTron Live, Max Sweat, etc.

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