And in this corner, fighting out of Travilah – Tandy the Trust Fund Billionaire!

I left for a show in Rapid City.   RNBPL (why are people calling her Rin-Bipple in the comments?  That’s dumb) stayed at the hotel to enjoy the free magic.  I told her to be careful with that because according to the professor, over time it fucks you up.  

At the show backstage, a guy was bickering with his wife by phone.  I try to leave the room when something like that is going on but some other guys were smoking crack out in the hallway so I had nowhere to retreat to.  The fight was about money.  As usual.   

The guy was telling her that he “had” to spend all their money to look like he was a bigshot because that was his gimmick.  She told him to change his fucking gimmick.  Which is a pretty good counterpoint. If you’re on the same show as me, things aren’t going so well for you that you can’t afford to switch things up.  Get yourself a taffy-pink jumpsuit with a purple star on it can call yourself Starboy.  The end.  No maintenance costs there.   

The rich asshole gimmick has been around since wrestling began.  I don’t think it works well in these modern times.  One reason is because there aren’t any blue-collar working man gimmicks around to fight them anymore.  There are no wrestling garbage men or electricians or construction workers anymore.

Another reason it doesn’t work is that people don’t hate the idle rich like they used to.  People now don’t hate lazy rich jerks, they want to be them.  To appeal to audiences now, the heel should be the gross poor person who works for a living and the good guy beating them up should be a reality star that got famous and rich by releasing a sex tape and has no talent of any kind. 

That’s what the people want. 

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