Magic Police – Episode 1 “The Thin Purple Line”

I don’t know what to do about the woman I will now start calling Raven Nightshade Blackmore Pandora Lilith.  While hilarious, that’s not even fair because she’s not gothy or emo despite being a grave robber.  I don’t know what she is.  As far as I can tell, the clothes on her back are her only clothes.  As an expert on the subject, I suspect she lives in her van.  She has all the earmarks of a nomad.  

So she’s like me?  Only instead of a wrestler, she’s a criminal.  Working for a shylock is not as bad as robbing people, but it’s not good.  Providing undead foot soldiers for a drug war isn’t as bad as being one of the drug warriors, but it’s not good.  She’s in the grey area where I can’t just say that she’s evil and wash my hands of the situation.

The situation being that she’s willing to teach me.  I have no interest in messing with dead bodies but unless she’s bullshitting me, which is always a possibility, it sounds like she can work with me on the “basics”.  I’m half trained at best.  Untrained enough that I don’t even know if half is the right amount of trained that I am.

I wrestled with it for a while and I decided that if two gangs are fighting, there’s nothing I can do about that.  I can’t single handedly win the War on Drugs with a finding spell and a healing spell.  And trying seems like a good way to end up getting shot in the face.  But what I should do is keep magic out of it.  Gang warfare is one thing, no need for animated corpses getting in the mix.  The DEA and the FBI can worry about that, I’ll just stop the magic.     

I told RNBPL that I would train with her if she didn’t go through with the plan to sell not-zombies to the drug lords as planned.  That did not go over well.  She said “In return for me doing you a favor you want me to do you another favor?  A favor that could get me killed?  That’s some strange bargaining.”

I got her to agree that if I could come up with the five grand she was going to be paid, she wouldn’t go through with it.  I’m only five grand short so that should be easy.

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