What does a necromancer order at Denny’s? Country-fried steak and eggs

Wasn’t there a plot on the Wire where one of the kids thought one of the drug dealers was a zombie master?  That show was based on a true story.  So the question – was the real guy who the character in the Wire was based on an actual necromancer?  Being a drug kingpin seems like a good job for someone who needs access to dead bodies.

It’s my luck that the first (okay second) magic person I run into who’s willing to talk about it is a practitioner of the dark arts.  Although she told me that necromancy is not blood magic since the people are already dead.  She also said that black magic is something else too.  Necromancy is its own thing. She was adamant about that.

I got pissed at her because she kept talking to me like I’m stupid for not knowing things and she got mad back at me, saying “Your wards are like fucking rocks!  My best spell didn’t even touch you!  How can you be that powerful and this ignorant?!”  

She really laid into me for not doing spells the right way.  She said I was all mixed up between ritual magic and incantation magic.  Like that was supposed to mean something to me.  Could all be bullshit but it sounds like she really knows what she’s talking about. Problem being anyone who talks with confidence sounds like they know what they’re talking about.

She was shockingly candid about her activities.  When I asked her why she was so free with her criminality she said “who would believe you if you told anyone?”  She had been contracted to provide some totally not zombies as foot soldiers for a gang involved in a turf war.  Because apparently that’s a thing that happens.  She said that she had worked for a loan shark for a couple of years because “if the guy you owe money to sends a walking corpse through your door, you find a way to pay quickly”.  That ended when some mob guys shot the loan shark in the head.  

So not a good person.

The way she talked made it seem like a lot of people know about magic.  How else could they hire her?  She said that it wasn’t exactly like that but “more people know than you’d guess”.   She said that most people that experience something magical write it off as their imagination.  You see something weird in the woods out hunting and you don’t think “magic,” you think your eyes are playing tricks.  She said that most people don’t make that jump even if they get smacked in the face with it.  

That sounds right to me.

I asked her how she learned magic and she said from her mom.  She said that magic had been in her family for a long time.  When I asked her more about that, she laughed and said “you really don’t know anything do you?”

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