Come for the fake boobs and stay for the fake chicken

I think they still have ring girls in boxing and MMA sometimes.  They don’t have them in wrestling.  Because there’s no rounds. 

The promoter I worked for last night decided to ignore that.  He brought in a waitress from a chicken and tits joint to stand around doing nothing while the announcer announced.  And once the announcing was done, her duty was to stand at ringside during the matches and awkwardly ignore the people in the crowd chanting for her to get naked. 

I don’t feel like she added anything positive to the show.  But I’m still a rookie.  Perhaps there were nuances I wasn’t picking up on. 

When I went back to get my money, she was in there screaming at the promoter because he said he wasn’t going to be able to pay her.  At first a couple of the boys were on her side.  Partially to bust the promoter’s balls and partially because they hoped that by doing so, they might get to see her naked.  When it became obvious that she had been promised more money than they were getting paid, that support disappeared.  Replaced by anger.

When things turned ugly, the promoter pulled out a revolver.  It was so small it was almost funny.  But it wasn’t funny at all because it was a gun.  That cleared the room.  I was hanging around still hoping to get my money when the ring girl’s boyfriend showed up with his own gun.  That gun was not small.  Someone said it was the same gun from Dirty Harry.  Which I think is that show with Eric Bana.

When the cops showed up they also had guns.  But they’re supposed to. 

I didn’t get paid either.  But I don’t have tips from men that are too afraid to go to an actual strip club to fall back on.  So I’ll say that I had a worse night than she did.

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