Growing the brand

I managed to get on a couple shows with 42561 but she hadn’t been receptive to magic chat.  Or any other kind of chat.  She was avoiding me studiously.   

Last night in Fort Wayne, I tried a new tactic.  I haven’t been using my fetch in matches much in a while for this reason and that.  Last night I did my old routine.  I was under the ring and Reby “the Rebel” Roundhouse gave my fetch six consecutive piledrivers.  Very slow, very deliberate, very ugly looking piledrivers.  The crowd was pretty freaked out.  They probably thought they were watching a woman get killed in the ring.  Because it looked like a woman was being killed in the ring. 

But this time while the fetch was in the ring, I came out and got Reby from behind with my cobra clutch.  I’ve started calling that the Fall From Grace BTW.  I don’t love the name but it’s on brand.  It’s ALL about the BRAND.

The crowd popped for that.  It’s an old routine.  Masked wrestlers and twins and guys that just sort of look alike have been pulling the old switcheroo forever.   I wonder when it was first done.  If anyone out there knows, put it in the comments.  I’m probably the first person to do with magic.

The fetch disappearing didn’t bother anyone, because wrestling.  It’s the perfect venue to get away with anything.  Anything weird that happens is part of the show.  Someday a murder is going to happen in the ring and everyone is going to assume it’s fake.  I don’t think New Jack has done that yet.  Yet. 

After the show, 42561 was waiting for me.  She’s always wearing cargo pants out of the ring.  I feel like I’ve never seen a woman wearing cargo pants before.  But I must have right?  That’s not that unusual is it?  She said “You’re going to keep following me aren’t you?”  I affirmed that I was and she took me to Denny’s.   

She didn’t say much.  Either she ignored my questions or gave me one- or two-word answers.  I realized afterwards that’s what it must be like when people I don’t know try to talk to me.  I learned that her mother taught her magic but nothing more about who she was or why she knew magic.  What she learned is very different from what I know.   

She didn’t know that magic could affect the world around you.  The way she learned was about focusing her energy inward to heal herself or make her temporarily stronger or tougher.  She was pretty freaked out that I could do other things. The way she talked about healing herself, it sounded completely different from what I do.  She didn’t tell me a lot but I was fascinated by what she did say.   

I suggested that we could train together and teach each other.  She didn’t seem that into it but she didn’t say no right away.  She did that later when I asked her what she did when she found a magic serial killer or someone doing blood magic.  Did she kill them or how did she handle it?  I guess I came on too strong with that one.

She said if she saw me again she’d get a restraining order.   How does that work if you travel a lot?  Do you need a restraining order in every state?  Logistically that sounds problematic.


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