Van world order 4 life

I’m back in Kim’s apartment and I’ve dedicated myself to cyber-stalking 42561.  She used to wrestle under the name Golden Grace on account of her real name is Grace Holden.  Maybe.  According to the internet my real name is Amy Lee.  So.   

She has more of a presence online than I do, but a lot of it is about being a “van lifer” rather than wrestling.  That Promaster I was leaning against has been modified more (note to self, look up a celebrity that has had a lot of cosmetic surgery and put that name here, it will be hilarious). It has a kitchen, queen-size bed, and a fully-operational shower.  In a van!  And I could have the same set up for a mere 70 grand.   

There was enough information for me to come up with a profile of a performer who takes tough bumps, especially for a woman, but never seems to miss any time for injury.  Sound familiar?  For an hour or so, I became enamored with the idea that we were long lost sisters.  I tried to imagine if I grew my hair out and wasn’t all scarred up how much we would look alike.

But she’s from Ireland so we’re probably not long lost sisters.  Or maybe she’s from Australia.  There’s conflicting information about that, but she’s not from here for sure.  She doesn’t talk much but I found one video of her cutting a promo and her accent was thick whatever it was.   

Other than that I found out she’s been arrested a couple times for possession and once for aggravated assault.  And maybe some other times.   

My plan is to get booked on the same shows as her and annoy her into being my magic buddy.  You say stalking but I say . . . well stalking, but it’s okay in this instance.

In the 90s they called Barry Windham the Stalker for a few months. In theory because he was stalking people in the sense of being a hunter. We need to update that for the new era. Bring his nephew Bo Dallas back as the Stalker – only his deal is harassing people online and sending them unsolicited sexts. That’s a solid gold idea people.

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