Friendship is magic 2 – Magic friendship is friendship magic

I worked my last show before heading back to Tallahassee last night in York.  I thought I heard that York was where the Revolutionary War started but I didn’t see any statues or plaques about it so maybe not.  Seems like the kind of thing a city would make a big deal about.   

The show sucked.  My opponent sucked.  I didn’t get paid.  It was the best booking I’ve had in a while.   

The second match of the night featured a woman called 42561.  Her gimmick is that she had been in prison so long she forgot her name and just remembered her number.  She wears prison orange but with the top converted into a belly shirt.  Which they probably don’t allow in prison.

From what I saw, she’s a good worker.  Her opponent was not.  They were on the ropes in the corner trying to do . . . . something.  Whatever they were trying to do, it wasn’t working.  Looked more like something you’d see at a live sex show than a wrestling match to me.   Although it’s a fine line sometimes I admit.

The end result was her opponent bailed out of the move like a bitch and 42561 fell with her feet tangled in the ropes and broke her ankle.  No one can tell me she didn’t.  I saw her foot pointing the wrong way.   

Not only did she finish the match (quickly) but she limped backstage on her own.  The good news (?) for her was no one there cared about her ankle.  But I saw what she did.  She sat on a folding chair for a good half hour massaging it and mumbling to herself.  Then she got up and walked away and was fine.   


I have no idea how the etiquette of meeting another magic person is supposed to go.  The best plan I could come up with was waiting by her Ram Promaster in the parking lot and then when she walked up say “You can do magic right?  I know because I can too.” 

She drove away without saying anything.  But I know about her now.  I’m coming for you 42561.  We’re going to become magic friends. We’ll go an adventures like . . . you know . . . those two women . . .  who go on adventures.  Rizzoli and Isles?  Is that it?  Is that the only female buddy duo?

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