I got a job at the crumb factory

When I turn my story of the snake and scorpion into the world’s most famous children’s book here’s what it will look like.

Remember when I mentioned I tried heating up crackers? Of course you do, how could you forget! I’ve never been a big cracker guy because why would I be. But since everything I like to eat makes my stomach eat itself I’ve been having cheese and crackers for lunch sometimes. Carbs and dairy that’s what you need to be healthy right?

My point is that I know now that there’s crackers and then there’s crackers. Spring for the Ritz folks, it’s worth it.

Sports betting got legalized a while ago and it bothered me a little then. Now I see tons of ads for sports betting and ESPN has sports betting information plastered all over their screen at all times. It’s bothering me a lot.

Which is weird because I have gambled and really have nothing against playing casino games. But sports betting really gets my goat. I wonder if it’s just because it’s new. Encouraging people to drink booze and eat unhealthy food is surely worse than telling them to gamble but that’s been happening my whole life.

Those commercials just gross me out. Especially the one that takes the tack of “hey if you don’t like sports try betting on them, then you’ll really care!”

I gave up on Walking Dead after a couple seasons but I like Fear the Walking Dead. Although I think they’ve reached their decay point now as well. I’ve been re-watching Fear and it’s pretty good, but then there’s an episode out of nowhere that is insane in the membrane. I checked several times to see if I had missed an episode because all the characters were suddenly acting different for no reason. I understand in a TV show that you can’t take time to show people changing mostly, but this was jarring. It’s weird when a show that’s pretty much always good has a episode so bad it makes you confused.

I’ve been thinking lately about reading books written by athletes, I mean fiction not autobiographies, and reviewing them. There’s a lot of football and baseball players that have written action adventure books about a murder on a football or baseball team. I’m sure they’re horrible. But are they horrible enough to make it funny?

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