I don’t think I’ve ever worn a skirt

Normally I don’t have any issues with the guys coming in to Kim’s school.  Today was an exception.  A dude came in who had to have been a solid 6’6, jacked to the rafters.  He would have had a great look if he didn’t have a stupid braid down to his ass.  Or maybe not.  Some big guys can manage to look good.  Some cannot.  Donovan Dijack or Mark Jindrak for example.  They look goofy.  Even without the braid he might have been Dijack-Jindrak. 

When he saw me, I could see on his face he was praying I wasn’t a trainer.  When I told him I’d be working with him, he said he didn’t pay money to be trained by no skirt.  He actually called me a skirt.  Maybe he’s a time traveler.  I wanted to tell him “fine, there’s the door, no refunds” but I didn’t want to let Kim down.  So instead of doing that, I said that Evan would be doing the real training and I was just there to help out.  It galled me to be placating this moron.

Didn’t make a difference, he still pitched a fit.  One of the trainees that they call Club for reasons I don’t know came over and said he’d work with the new guy until Evan got there.  Braid boy didn’t make it until lunch.  I’d like to say that Club was really busting this guy’s ass because he was a jerk to me, but he wasn’t.  It was just the normal weeding out process. 

Wrestlers like to talk up how there’s being in shape and then there’s being in ring shape.  Since wrestlers are all liars and bullshitters, I never really believed it until I started working at the school.  But there’s something there.  I think the MMA guys call it the difference between being in shape and being in condition.

Setting aside the dreamers who are in no kind of shape, there are still a lot of guys that come in that you know can’t hack it.  They look great walking around but they never heard the word cardio.  Look at real fighters in combat sports, they’re lean. 

Every now and then a guy comes in who’s fresh off getting cut from some NFL practice squad or other, or a college star with an injury, who wants to give it a try.  Most of them don’t make it a day. 

I guess what I’m saying is that I can hack it so I must be awesome. 

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