More anti-climactic than WrestleMania 16

Erie is a bigger city than I expected.  I thought it was a tiny place but it’s easily the equal of such metropolises as Tuscaloosa, South Bend, or Wichita Falls.  Wasn’t there a crappy TV show about some kids fighting aliens in Erie?  Or witches?

The spell led me to an abandoned trailer park. An abandoned trailer park is a creepier thing than I expected.  Although that could be because I was looking for a maybe werewolf killer maybe crazy man maybe serial murderer.  That might have made it seem creepier.  But it was pretty creepy regardless.

The magic took me to a trailer that seemed as abandoned as the others, but I thought old Scrap Iron could be squatting there.  There was no door so I knocked on the outside for a while and then skulked around. 

It didn’t seem right to walk in uninvited but that’s eventually what I did.  The place was mostly cleaned out but I found a stack of Playboys, a bandoleer belt type thing with a bunch of tactical knives on it, and a sealed plastic pack of body bags. 

Nothing creepy about that.

I had about decided that the spell didn’t work when I had a flash of insight.  Scrap Iron was there, he just wasn’t alive.  It wasn’t a vision.  I didn’t see it.  I just knew that he was buried under the trailer. 

For several hours I indecisively did nothing.  The lame plan I eventually came up with was call the cops and tell them that I had been in a bar and heard someone talking about a body being buried out here and came to check it out.

Erie PD must not have a lot on their plate because they came out.  They didn’t bring in a backhoe and dig the place up, but they did talk to me.  When it became clear they weren’t going to do anything, I asked if it would be okay if I dug around. 

They said since I was trespassing that wouldn’t be a good idea.   When I called them again two six packs and a shitload of digging later, they weren’t pumped about the bones I found.  But they didn’t arrest me for trespassing. 

The good news is – based on whatever cops base things on – they think the body was buried there before I was born.  So I’m not a suspect.  That’s the trouble with digging up bodies.  People assume you put them there.

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