Hazard Zet Forward

I got in a car accident last night.  Given how much I drive it’s pretty astounding that was the first time.  Especially since I never learned how to drive.  I just got behind the wheel and went. I’ve heard you can take classes for driving. I think I got the gist.

A car coming around a bend in the road crossed the line and clipped me.  I’m lucky that they didn’t swerve a moment before.  If they had, we would have hit head on.  My healing spell won’t do me a lot of good if I’m dead.  Pretty sure about that.

Since I have no license and no insurance, I considered driving on.  I can use my magic to make the cops see the documents they think they need in a quick stop but it doesn’t hold up to close scrutiny.  I decided to stop.  Because I’m not horrible.  I’m still not sure if that was a good idea. 

They were two kids in the other car.  I really need to stop thinking of people my age as kids.  They were both drunk.  The one that came out of the driver’s seat was standing in the middle of the road like a maniac.  Another car coming along almost annihilated him.  That car didn’t stop of course.

The other kid stayed in the passenger seat and was moaning and screaming that his leg was fucked up.  The driver was going nuts.  He kept saying that they were from Seton Hall like that was supposed to mean something to me. 

I’ve never tried to calm down a drunk moron before.  As far as I can tell it’s impossible.  He seemed like he wanted to fight me.  I was tempted to blind him with my light spell and stomp on his balls until they were gone.  But I didn’t.  That would have been wrong.

The driver went around to the trunk of their car and tried without success to open it.  What he was going for I don’t know.  Probably the tire iron to bash my skull in.  While he was doing that, I went around to the passenger side to the screaming kid.  I didn’t see anything, but unless there’s a bone poking out of the leg what would there be to see?

I wish I knew a sleep spell because when I was trying to heal his leg, he kept grabbing at me.  At one point he tried to choke me.  Instead I had no choice but to kick him in his bad leg until he passed out.  Since I was going to heal him anyway that’s fine right? 

It took me a good twenty minutes to heal his leg and I never saw the driver during that time.  After I got the crybaby’s leg all fixed up, I found the driver unconscious in the ditch.  I think he took a pretty bad fall.  I drove their car onto the shoulder of the road and then dragged the driver back into his seat.  I assume sitting up with a seatbelt will prevent you from killing yourself with vomit? 

I called 911 and told them where the car was and drove away.  Maybe I should have done something else. But I’m calling that my good deed for the day. 

My Sedona is making ugly noises but it’s still running.  For now.

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