The old man and the wolf

I was able to track down the mystery girl for the detective with my finding spell.  So I decided to see if I could do the same with Dennis “Scrap Iron” Ray.  If he started wrestling in the 60s he was probably born in the 40s at least so he’s got to be pretty old now. 

It was not easy.  I almost gave up several times.  At first nothing would happen.  Then I started getting an image of a place but I had no idea where it was.  Eventually I got out an old atlas that was in a drawer in Kim’s apartment.  If I saw it in a movie I would have scoffed, but I was flipping through the pages as I worked the spell.  And then I was moving my finger around on the page when I found it.  It was like some kind of Ouija board bullshit.  But it worked.  Maybe.  We’ll see about that. 

If my spell worked Dennis “Scrap Iron” Ray is in Erie.  I’m going to be in New Jersey for a show next week so while I’m up there I’m going to look up old Scrap Iron and see what he has to say.   

463 miles is a small price to pay for maybe learning about werewolves.  Of course he could just be a garden variety serial killer.  I’ll need to watch out for that.  I feel confident that I can best most octogenarians in a fair fight but that’s the problem with serial killers.  They’re crafty.  He could have a needle full of some weird old drug dentists used to knock people out in his pocket at all times.  Or he could be merely a crazy old man. 

It’s always nice to meet new people. 

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