Home is where the conspiracy of silence is

I did something yesterday that is normal for most people.  Not most normal normal people but most normal people in wrestling.  But it was really weird for me. 

I drove to Montgomery for a show.  And then I drove back here to Kim’s apartment.  It’s almost like I have a home.  I’m sure that doesn’t seem significant at all, but I’ve never done that before.  I’ve never had a place to go back to.  It feels weird. 

This whole situation doesn’t seem right.  I’ve just been on the road for so long, staying still is foreign to me.  Maybe I should live here?  Would that be cheaper?  I’ll have to write it all down.  I’m terrible at doing math in my head.  And also not in my head.  I wish there was a spell I could learn for financial advice. 

What I worry about is that being tied down here will keep me from taking bookings that aren’t within driving distance.  And I need all the bookings that I can get. 

I worked a woman by the name of Evangeline Ecstasy.  Which is the most strippery name I’ve come across in a business where a lot of women have strippery names.  Her shtick wasn’t being a sexy vamp though.  Her deal was being a drugged up party girl, as in ecstasy the drug. 

She was a good worker but she was slippery.  She was already sweaty when she came out.  It wasn’t just sweat though.  It was like she was greasy.  It’s a good thing I don’t do a lot of throws because she could have easily slipped out of my grasp. 

Ms. Ecstasy if you’re reading this what the heck was going on with your skin?

I’ve called and left messages for the detective several times but she hasn’t called back.  I doubt she’s going to.  I am getting very sick of people showing up who clearly know something about magic and refusing to tell me anything.  It’s like they’ve all taken some secret oath to keep me in the dark. 

I’ve had enough of that.

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