Take a look, it’s in a book

I get depressed if I think about losing Royale’s trunk too much.  Not just because of the magic knowledge lost.  Because he trusted me with it and I let it get burned.  The only spell I remember that I never bothered to use he called amanuensis.  I thought it was a weird magic word but it’s a real word that means to copy something.   

I was able to cast it from memory to write the girl’s journal on some printer paper I found.  It seemed like a useless spell which is why I never messed with it.  But here I am using it.  I wonder how many spells over the centuries have been dropped because they didn’t matter anymore.  And how many of those discarded spells actually could be useful.   

Most of it is awful teenage girl bullshit with religious bullshit as well.  But there’s enough to know what happened.  Super religious girl saving herself for marriage finds out her BF is throwing the dick at anyone that stands still long enough.  Distraught, she goes to her pastor for guidance and he tries to have sex with her.  Distraught, she goes to her parents to tell them about the pastor and they call her a liar and a sinner.   

This is where things get weird.  She claims that an angel appeared to her and told her where to find a special book.  She found the book and used it to cast a spell that sent the pastor to face “God’s judgment”.  Sounds like a killing spell to me.  She didn’t call it magic though, she called it theurgy.  Google says that’s “a system of white magic practiced by the early Neoplatonists”. 

I wouldn’t label a death spell white magic.  And if angels are real, I don’t think they tell you how to kill people. 

This is the second teenage magician-murderer I’ve encountered that found a book that showed them how to do it.  Can that be a coincidence?  Magic is hard to learn with someone teaching you.  I can’t grasp how anyone could do it on their own from a book. 

If the detective catches her, I wonder if there’s any chance she’ll let me talk to her.

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