Law and Order of the Phoenix : Criminal Victim Trial

Detective boob shirt showed up at Kim’s apartment well before six o’clock.  I don’t know exactly when.  I think I heard some pounding on the door when I was still kind of asleep.  What woke me up is when I heard her out in the hallway threatening to shove her gun up someone’s ass and pull the trigger “until I hear a click”.  Good thing I don’t want to be friends with the neighbors anyway. 

When I opened the door, she jumped all over me for not answering right away even though she was at least 45 minutes early.  That’s when she wasn’t commenting on how crappy the apartment is.  Seems nice to me.  I’m starting to suspect that she is an unpleasant person.   

She threw a baggie down on the table that had a diary or journal in it.  Not an evidence bag, it was a sandwich bag.  She told me to do my magic like she was telling me to perform some revolting sex act that she didn’t want to see.  I told her if she wanted my help maybe she could stop being a bitch for 2 seconds.  This escalated to the point where I thought I was going to have to fight her.   

Instead she asked me if I had anything to drink.  I directed her to the beer in the fridge which was not up to her standards.  She still drank it.  I asked her what she wanted me to do with this book.  She made a comment about people “like me” needing something that belonged to the person they want to find.  She said it like being magic was the worst thing in the world.   

I told her to tell me what was going on or fuck off.  That set her off again and as we argued, it looked like she was half a beat away from hurling the beer bottle at my head.  Maybe if I did elbow her in the face a few times she’d find a civil tongue in her mouth.   

She reigned herself in and told me the sooner I did what she wanted, the sooner she’d be gone.  The finding spell isn’t one I’ve gotten good at.  And I had never used it to find a person before.  I didn’t want to get into a discussion about practical magic with the angry person packing a gun about it though.  I told her it would take some time.  She said she’d be back at noon.  I asked if she would bring me lunch.  Asked the door, since she was already in the hall. 

I could tell my first few attempts weren’t going to work.   Magic isn’t easy.  Especially when you only got 4 hours sleep and someone has you riled up.  I took a minute to calm myself and then went back to bed for an hour or so.   

When I woke up, I leafed through the book a little.  I wondered who in this day and age would write in a physical diary.  A religious teenage girl it turns out.  That makes sense, religious people seem old fashioned.   

I don’t really understand how the finding spell works.  When I found the ring for that asshole that didn’t pay, I wasn’t picturing the ring.  I didn’t know what it looked like.  I was more just pushing out the idea that I wanted to find it.  Not to go “the Secret” on you, but it was more about manifesting a desire for information.   

When the detective came back, she did bring a giant greasy bag of food from a chicken place.  It was enough food for a family of 8.  I like my BBQ sweet not spicy, but I didn’t say anything.  I told her the girl she was looking for was in Daytona Beach.  When she accepted that without remark, I asked her why she wasn’t threatening to shoot me if the girl wasn’t there.  She chewed her chicken and said that she knew I wasn’t wrong.   

I asked her if the girl was a runaway or if she had been kidnapped.  She said that she was a murder suspect.  Before I could respond she continued with what, for her, was a mountain of information.  She said that the girl was new to it.  “It” being magic.  And she wanted to get to her before she got into it too deep.  She talked about magic like it was hooking or crack.   

Maybe that explains her piss poor attitude.  In her eyes, I’m a junkie streetwalking informant, someone you need but not someone you can ever trust.  Well, that and I think she’s just a miserable excuse for a person generally.   

She wouldn’t tell me any more about the girl but when I asked her for the 700th time what the hell was going on, she did sort of answer the question.  She said that she knew about magic but she couldn’t do it because “magic requires 100% conviction, any tiny bit of fear or doubt destroys any chance to learn how to do it”.   

I told her that I was afraid and doubtful all the time.  She just shrugged.  She said that she had experienced something and she was unwilling to dive off the cliff that it represented.  She said “you must have jumped, because here we are”.   

Since she wouldn’t tell me anything else, I asked her what if I went to Daytona and found the girl myself.  She shrugged again and said she’d shoot me and say it was justified.

Before she left, I told her about Eterno and the Asian girl and the dogman.  She said sarcastically if they ever came to Atlanta, she’d arrest them.  I asked her if there was a magic division of the FBI.  I’m not great at reading people but her reaction was a little off.  I think that remark hit home more than the joke it was intended to be. 

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