You’re an adult find your own meth!

I often hear wrestlers complaining about promoters not doing enough to advertise shows.  Now that I’m on the other side I understand a little better.  I employed my vast social media empire to flood my dozens of followers with propaganda about the show.  I contacted some local radio stations, most of which weren’t interested at all and certainly not for free.  One station is going to give away some tickets but who even listens to the radio?   

All of that amounts to a hill of beans.  What else is there to do?  Drive through the streets shouting through a megaphone?  I looked up “how to promote an event” and every suggestion was “social media”.  This is the same paradox I’ve talked about before.  How do you get anyone to pay attention unless they’re already paying attention?   

The only thing that wasn’t just another way of saying social media said that you should have a contest to go along with your event.  Which is fine except it isn’t because how are you supposed to make people aware of the contest?  It’s the same issue.   

I’ve been driving Kim crazy with questions.  I think he’s starting to regret telling me to do this.  I’m going a little crazy myself.  I feel like I’m getting a call or a text every four minutes with the same questions – how do I get to the venue?  How do I get paid?  Where can I sell my merch?  Can my buddy get on the show?  Can I change who I’m working with?  Where’s the good crack in town?  The same stuff on an endless loop.   

Say what you want about me, but at least I don’t bother anyone this much when you book me.   

I don’t get nervous before matches.  What’s the worst that could happen?  I get seriously injured and my life is ruined or I die.  Who cares about that?  But running a show, even though really Kim is doing a lot of the work, is sending me up the walls.   

I’ll be glad when this is over.

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