Too many girls

Kim said that I should put a show together instead of whining about not getting booked.  I told him I’ve not been whining at all.  We argued about that for probably half an hour.  He said he never heard me talk so much before.  Then he asked why I was focused on that and not the other thing.   

I told him I didn’t know anything about promoting a show.  He asked me how I got anywhere in life when my first response to everything is to say “no”.  He accused me of being afraid of everything.  I told him I was only afraid of almost everything and he laughed his ass off.   I’m not that funny.  He just likes to laugh.

He said that he’d help me with the details, I just needed to get people to work the show and we’d split any money fifty-fifty.  I told him that he sounded like he was taking all the risk and I was going to get the reward.  He cursed at me in Italian, or what he thinks is Italian anyway, and told me to just accept good fortune for once.   

We talked about it for a long time in his office before he kicked me out and told me to start making calls.  My first call was to Austin and Laura Starr.  He does a lot of non-wrestling stuff around Memphis and since they have a new baby, I knew his calendar would be full.  I told him I wanted to thank him for his help and whatever date he could come down, I’d make that the show date.   

My next call was to Bloody Mary, I told her I wanted to team up with her.  Although I warned her I had only worked tag once and sucked at it.  I should have known better, no one cares about the details, they just want to get paid.  My next call was to “Irish” Terry McGinn and her referee not-boyfriend.  It was like a greatest hits of people that have tried to kill me.   

I put together a few more matches and then showed Kim what I had.  He about burst a blood vessel because I had “too many girls, and not the good-looking ones!”  I asked him who else I would know to call.  He pointed out that I wrestle guys all the time.  I said “yeah, but most of them are assholes”.  He said that if I was trying to book an asshole-free show, we’d be waiting until next Christmas.   

Which is fair.   

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