A quad to remember

I didn’t see what happened, but last night they carried a guy into the back that couldn’t put any weight on one leg.  People were saying that it was a torn quad but I don’t know if that’s true.

I think I’ve worked more than a hundred shows at this point but I’ve hardly ever seen anyone taken to the hospital.  Maybe twice.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because there haven’t been bad injuries.  They just didn’t go.  I wonder if there are any countries that have free healthcare and professional wrestling.  Doesn’t seem compatible.

A couple people were debating what to do, so I asked the guy if I could try something.  I had them carry him into a storage closet of some kind and set him down.  I’ve only ever used my healing spell on someone else once and that was a simple thing.  This was much harder.  When I heal myself, I know exactly where the injury is and what it is.  

This was something else altogether.  There’s no good analogy, but maybe it was like trying to take a splinter out of someone’s hand while blindfolded?  You know something’s there but you just have to feel around.  It seemed like it took hours but it was probably 20 minutes.  All of a sudden he made a noise like he got punched in the gut and he snapped his head back to look at me.

He said that the pain was gone and he felt fine.  He was astonished.  I was too, honestly.  He asked me what I did and I made up some bullshit about massage and pressure points and nerve clusters.  I told him he had just displaced some muscle tissue, which I don’t think is a thing.  

It made me feel good to help someone.  I would have felt better if he wasn’t an asshole, but assholes need help too I guess.  Since I can never feel good for long, I starting wondering – what am I doing wrestling?  Shouldn’t I be in a hospital?  What exactly can I do?  Cure cancer?  Help people walk again after a car wreck?  Save trauma patients in the ER?  

I wonder what would happen if I turned in a hospital with real healing powers.  Nothing good probably.

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