The 4th rule of outlaw fight club is blah blah you know whatever

The first Outlaw Fight Club show went up today.  It’s pretty well produced.  Not good good, but it looks as good as anything you’re going to see out here in the real world.  The roster was pretty weak but the presentation was good.  Which goes a long way.  Paris Torissi was in the main event and that was a nice match.  Overall I would rate it as “watchable”.

Only one show is up, but it looks like it’s pulling a lot of attention.  So now.  I get to decide if I want to call up the moron who screwed me and apologize and beg him to book me.  I never thought I had any pride.  I figured money is money.  But I really don’t want to go crawling back to that twerp. 

Anyway, I went to the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick.  Most of the exhibits are the kind of corny tourist stuff you’d expect.  But a couple things there I think are actually magic.  I got some kind of vibe from them. 


As a real magic person, is it any way morally justifiable for me to steal that stuff?  This is a weird area on several levels.  First of all, the guy who owns this place believes in magic.  But he’s wrong.  He believes in it the wrong way.  Does that make sense?  It’s like a conspiracy nut who believes in aliens as opposed to a CIA guy who actually knows where the bodies are buried.  That’s not a good example but you get it right?  Since I know the real truth about magic, does that make me more entitled to the stuff?

I can do something good with it.   If someone displayed the cure for liver cancer because they thought it was a neat piece of art instead of using it, stealing it would be fine right?  It would be fair to say that I haven’t really done any good yet.  The one person I tried to help ended up murdered anyway.  But I would try is the point.

Does that count for anything?

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