Usually sex gets top billing

Last night, I ran into Josh aka Dan Conway aka the orgy guy aka the part time male prostitute.  He’s now working under the name Mustafa “Bayonet” Tanaka which is pretty ballsy for a white guy.  Is ballsy the right word for what he’s doing? 

The initial awkwardness generated by our last meeting soon gave way to joking around and chatting like in the early days.  Then the awkwardness was back when he mentioned that he’s gotten “really into psilocybin”.  That’s a ballsy way to dive in with someone you haven’t talked to in a while.  Is ballsy the right word for what he’s doing?

I tried to pull the “well, good catching up with you, I got to run now” but he plowed ahead by telling me that he used to smoke a ton of weed but now that he’s into psilocybin, he doesn’t do that anymore.  He made sure to tell me that while he doesn’t smoke anymore, he still sells because it’s “a good little side business”.  He wanted to make sure I didn’t worry about him giving up selling weed. 

Next he showed me a new tattoo he got of a flower that looked suspiciously like a vagina.  Before I could run away, he said something interesting.  He said that the vagina flower was the symbol of a collective of shamans and visionary seers who transcend boundaries and limitations through sacred experience achieved by the use of drugs, music, and sex.

Definitely sounds like a cult, but as I’ve mentioned, some cults are set up by real magicians.  The stuff he was talking about, achieving a mental state that transcends the physical world, a trance that allows them to see beyond their normal experience and go outside all the lines of reality; that could be magic.  It could be a bunch of drugged out assholes too. 

How much do I want to find out which?

Did you ever see that old movie Karate Kid?  Kid wants to karate fight but his sensei doesn’t want to help him.  So Kid finds a new sensei that is clearly evil but Kid is dumb so he goes along with it.  I worry about that.  I really want a mentor to help me learn more about magic.  But what if he’s one of the bad ones and I don’t realize it until it’s too late?

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