Jack Johnson VS John Jackson

I saw a results-reviews-opinions blog of the show I worked last night.  Seeing the card in print made something jump out at me:

John Adams vs. Joe Falcone

Pat Joseph vs. Garrison Michael

Andy Trout vs. Claude Jean

Jeremy Spokane vs. Dennis Walters

Billy Chapman vs. William Palmer

Vic Mercado vs. Rory Malone

Alice Hudson vs. Emma Foster

Just looking at those names, is there anything that makes you think this is a wrestling show? It could be a boxing card.  Or a Scrabble tournament.  Or any other thing where two people are against each other.  Even in MMA they have nicknames.  I think we’ve gone too far with the real names trend in wrestling.  Where’s the razzle dazzle?

Amazing Grace isn’t the most flamboyant name ever but it’s better than fucking John Adams.  Now if the guy had a gimmick where he was pretending to be the 2nd president and was wearing a powdered wig and panty hose, that would be something.  But he wasn’t.  By comparison let’s look at an old wrestling card:

Omar Atlas and Danny Littlebear vs. “Nature Boy” Kirby and Black Angus Campbell

The Viking vs. “The Destroyer” Ivan Pulaski

Kentucky Butcher vs. Big Bill Miller

Cry Baby Cannon vs. Apache Bull Ramos

Indian Strap Match – Professor Tanaka vs. Wahoo McDaniel

Klondike Bill vs. Blackjack Mulligan

There’s no mistaking that for anything other than wrestling.

Here’s what the reviewer had to say about my match if interested. 

“The third match of the night sees Babe Ruthless take on Amazing Grace, with Babe instantly on the defensive as her pre-match taunts on the turnbuckle see her vulnerable to an attack from behind for a two count. Amazing Grace pushes the pace with grounded strikes, several kicks and a big back elbow, whilst she is also not afraid to bend the rules by using a choke whilst the two are in the ropes. Babe gets dropped with a big lariat and has had little chance to exert any pressure on her opponent.

That is until she fights her way out of the corner, lands a jumping dropkick and a big spinning sideslam for two. Amazing Grace isn’t down for long, reversing a chokeslam attempt into a submission for a nearfall. However, Babe is able to hit a backbreaker and then a chokeslam into a backcracker moments later for the win. Decent little bit of psychology here with Amazing Grace trying to hit Babe hard and fast to take her out, and I quite enjoyed what I saw of Babe Ruthless, a wrestler I’d never heard of, let alone seen before.”

I hate when people saying jumping dropkick.  There’s no other way to do a dropkick.  Not in wrestling anyway.  Babe Ruthless is kind of a cool name but is that reference too dated?  Does anyone get it?

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