From now on March 1st is New Year’s Day

I saw an internet that said that Fantasy Island was the worse movie of 2020.  T-Sizzle and I saw two movies in 2020 before Lockdown.  Call of the Wild and Fantasy Island. 

You see I had some vouchers for Flix that had to be used by the end of February.  There wasn’t really much that we wanted to see, but what were we going to do?  NOT go see movies?  I don’t know if the Call of the Wild is the first book I read that I didn’t consider a kid’s book but it’s the first one I remember reading that I didn’t consider a kid’s book.  So while I didn’t expect it to be a good movie I wanted to see it for nostalgia.  It was fine.  According to the internet it lost somewhere between 50 and 100 million dollars. 

Fantasy Island?  We HAD to see something, time was running out.  I thought it would be terrible but fun.  It wasn’t the worst thing ever.  Fantasy Island made 50 million dollars and a sequel was greenlit the night it opened.  Is there some kind of lesson there?  No. 

Fantasy Island is a bad movie BUT I am confident that dozens, if not hundreds, of worse movies were released this year.  I think at most we can say that Fantasy Island was the worst movie of 2020 that you maybe heard of. 

Movie review complete, now we move onto a review of every Steam game I’ve bought ever.

Blood Bowl – I love Blood Bowl the game game and this is just that game electronically so what’s not to love?  We did a couple leagues as pandemic activities but they petered out because really there are only three of us who are into it.  The new edition of Blood Bowl the game game just came out and I’m looking forwards to seeing the new stuff.  Seven stars.

Death Road to Canada – Love it.  This game was either free or super cheap.  I got my money’s worth.  I never made it to Canada but I got close.  Six stars.

Don’t Starve Together – My buddy Coffee Black got this for me so we could play together.  I enjoyed it but it’s a survival game where you just keep surviving forever and eventually it got old.  Also he was a million times better than me so really when we played together it was just him keeping me alive.  I was nothing but a burden like in a real survival situation.  Five stars

Magic the Gathering (various ones) – I played Magic online for a while.  I mean A LOT.  One thing I hate about Steam is that it has a thing that tells you how long you played a game.  500 damn hours.  Playing Magic online at first made my go from liking magic to loving it, and then ultimately to hating it and giving all my cards away.  Competitive magic is gross and horrible.  I just want to play in drafts with my friends.  Both of them.  I don’t know how to rate this one, I would give it both seven and one stars, so average of four I guess.

Shadowrun (various) – I picked these up for like 2 bucks when I was playing Shadowrun IRL.  They’re okay.  It’s funny, I would never pick Shadowrun as an RPG I really want to play, but I (almost) always have a great time playing it (the real one I mean).  It really ignites my imagination even though the system is wonkadoop at best.  If you asked me I would say that I don’t like systems with magic and technology, yet I always have a ball playing Shadowrun.  I can’t explain why I like Shadowrun so much.  Four stars for the video game versions.

Spelunky – Oi, another 500 hour-er, I love this game.  I never managed to beat it the hard way, but I was able to beat it the “easy” way several times.  You can play multi-player which would be fun but I never figured it out.  Maybe Coffee Black and I did play MP once and it was super slow and laggy.  There’s supposed to be a Spelunky 2 but they’ve been saying that for a while.  Seven stars.

Tales from Candlekeep – A D&D simulator.  Doesn’t work with my graphic card.  Incomplete.

Total War Empire – I picked this up before, you know BEFORE, because I wanted a game to play to fill time in my empty life.  Many onlines said that it was a great strategy game.  I gave up on it pretty quickly.  The battles are kind of neat but overall it’s a snooze.  I’d say it’s got all the worse qualities of Nobunga’s ambition, chief among them that it’s “realistic” in the sense that it takes forever to do anything.  Two stars.

Warhammer 40k Armageddon – I got this recently because it was cheap as balls and I wanted something to do since I have no TV (but really I do).  I played through the tutorial, it’s a simplified version of the table top game so why wouldn’t I like it?   But now I can’t get it to work.  I launch the real game and as soon as it loads it crashes.  Incomplete.

Warmachine Tactics – I think Coffee Black got this for me because either he got a free copy when he bought it or it was super cheap.  Or I’m remembering wrong and it cost him a lot of money.  Never got it to work.  Incomplete. 

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