I’ve got a blind date with destiny and it looks like she’s ordered the lobster.

Last night was my final show before the bare-knuckle brawl in Biloxi.  I’m going to take a week off.  That’s plenty of time to train for a legit fight, isn’t it?   

I worked with Bloody Mary again.  Our “incident” has some buzz online so we have a brief period where we can get a decent payday together.  I told her that instead of a chair match, we should do a bit like Tommy Dreamer and the Sandman with the cane.  Only with a chair.  The match is straight up but then the loser gets clobbered.  She didn’t think the fans would be into it.  No one seems to like my ideas.  Clearly I’m a genius unappreciated in my own time like all those dead guys. 

We actually hung out a bit afterwards.  Old Bloody told me she was surprised that I agreed to work with her.  She told me that she was worried I was going to run her over with my car.  I admitted to her that I had thought about it.  She didn’t apologize.  I didn’t ask her why she did what she did.  It’s just the way it goes. 

The professor and I have been keeping in touch.  I told him about Bessie Love and some of the stuff in Royale’s notes and journals.  He’s researching to see if he can find out anything that could help us learn more about their adventures.  He’s a professor so he should be good at that, right?   

I had a dream last night that the Asian girl found him and killed him.  In the dream, she sent me a picture of herself sitting in his chair in his office grinning with his dead body on the desk in front of her.  I wonder if it was really a dream or a vision.  She knew when I was coming back to Lyons.  How did she know that?  Maybe she dreamed it. 

Maybe that’s how it works.

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