Make sure Neil hits the sound queue before I come out of the coffin

The sound guy at the show last night was up my ass because he wanted me to use an old song by Rob Zombie as my entrance music.  I didn’t know that Rob Zombie made shitty music, I thought he just made shitty movies.

It bugs me when supernatural characters have music and video packages and lighting to match.  The old Bray Wyatt, creepy redneck cult leader, and the new Bray Wyatt, demon possessed children’s show host are both great gimmicks.  But I’m annoyed by the production that goes into these presentations.  So the guy who’s possessed by a demon went to the production team and was like “okay so I want a red light like this when I come out”?  Makes suspension of disbelief hard for me.

I know that this is overthinking but it still bothers me. 

An old timer who heard this argument told me that I would have better luck if I had a song I did want played instead of just saying “no”.  Which is good advice but I still don’t want to have an entrance song.  I want to just appear in the ring.  I should work on that. 

Sometimes I wish that in addition to real magic, Royale had taught me stage magic too.  I think there’s a lot of cool stuff you could do with that in the wrestling world.  There was a guy in the WWE that was supposed to be a magician once.  I don’t think he knew anything about stage magic.  The only trick he did was spraying silly string from what I saw.  And pulling someone’s pants off.

Which isn’t allowed anymore.  You get a hashtag if you do that now.

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