Be like Subway – do good

When I went into Subway this morning, they informed me that the rewards card I was using was stolen and they were calling the police.  This means that the hockey guy I stole it from took the time to report to Subway.  And that Subway took the time to flag the card in their system.  And the person working there cared enough to notice that it was flagged.  And also cared enough to call the police.

This is what’s going on in the world.  This is what people are spending their time on.  You can rest assured that in spite of all the other problems we have that Subway takes their rewards program very seriously. 

I watched the Amazing Johnathan documentary last night.  It was okay.  Maybe I would have liked it better if I knew who the Amazing Johnathan was.  Besides a meth addict. 

The movie implies that maybe the guy was faking his terminal illness.  Someone says “can you trust anything that a magician does?”  It got me thinking about Royale and all the shit Mr. Petticord was saying about him.  I think, if he bothered to say anything, he would tell me that Royale was a bullshit artist who knew a little actual magic.  That all his stories about stopping bad people and protecting everyone from evil magic practitioners was made-up. 

It would be easy to believe that.  Royale was a stage magician, he lied for a living.  He was a lonely old man that wanted company.  Why wouldn’t he exaggerate?    Why wouldn’t he make his life sound like something great and purposeful?  It would be easy to believe he was lying.

But I don’t believe that.

I haven’t met many truly good people.  Royale was a good person.  I don’t think he lied to me about anything.  I believe that he maybe was hundreds of years old.  I believe he saved a lot of people.  I believe he did good in the world.  I believe he taught me magic so I could do good too.  Maybe because I want it believe it.  But that’s okay. 

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