I punched him right in his 100 year old face

I didn’t believe the Professor at first.  The spells he said he could do aren’t things you can prove.  What won me over is when he said he could do a protection spell.  Of sorts.  I don’t think he realized how hard I can hit.  I just knocked his glasses off and pushed him back a little instead of killing him when I punched him in his old face.  So he’s magic. 

That would be a really useful spell for me to learn. 

It allowed me to show him my healing spell.  And for me to learn that my healing spell works on other people.  He was very impressed.  I asked him who taught him and he said that he learned from a book he found.  Just like the Asian girl.  I don’t understand how they can do that. 

I asked him what the story was with this area.  He said that there are places of power where there’s more magic.  It’s easier to do magic there, but it also creates interference for people trying to remotely do stuff to you with magic.  I told him about how I thought the Asian girl was making me sick and he agreed with my theory.

He told me that he lives outside the magic zone because if you stay too long it messes with you.  You get tense and jumpy, easily agitated and moody.  After a few more days you get a vicious headache and become confrontational and aggressive.  He never pushed it farther than that but his theory was that if you stayed long enough you’d go crazy and eventually die from it.

When I told him about what happened that night in the park in Lyons, he didn’t really react.  Maybe he didn’t believe me.  Once everything was out in the open I asked him what really happened with the serial killer in the 70s.  He said there was someone I needed to meet.

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