Don’t think of this as a no-win situation of either supporting my subpar creative outlet or objectively caving to your own heartlessness and completely disregarding my self-esteem

My stomach has always been a little wonky.  Over the past few years I’ve noticed that more and more things upset my stomach, although strangely I think over that same time period the incidents of me having searing stomach pain that feels like sharks are trying to bite their way out of my belly have gone down substantially.

I like a good sandwich, but one of the wild exotic foods that I’ve had to drop recently is peanut butter.  And now I’ve ditched deli meat as well, not good deli meat but the grocery store kind.  So I figured I’d give almond butter a try.  What I didn’t know is that there was going to be a three inch thick pool of oil on the top.  Now I have a spot on the kitchen floor that is super slippery.

I thought as I stood there with an oily floor that this is a perfect sitcom style hijinks.  I assume the longer I go without TV the more and more I will start to see life around me as a TV show.  I think there was an episode of Family Guy about that.  I hate that show so much now.  But there was a time when I liked it. 

I had a very active dream remembering brain last night.  Dream number one a father and son team were robbing me.  They took everything out of my house and then started tearing the house apart for building materials they could sell.  At one point I picked up a board to wail on the dad’s head and T-Storm told me not to because they were super poor and they needed my stuff more than I did.  I assume this dream was prompted by the conversation we had that night about forgiving student debt.  Then the dad put down his gun for a minute and I grabbed it and I was going to shoot them but T-Storm didn’t like that idea either. 

So instead I shot out the tires of the van they were loading all my stuff in and called the police.  And the police showed up and they were like “yeah, these guys should have all your stuff, you have plenty of money and they don’t.”  I asked them if I could stop the robbers since they weren’t going to and they said they would arrest me if I tried to prevent the robbers from taking my stuff because they needed it more.

In the second dream my dad, sister, and I were at a convenience store and the guy behind the counter asked my dad to take over for him while he went to the bathroom.  Then two people came in to rob the store and shot my dad four times.  I was yelling at my sister to call 911 and freaking out trying to do first aid, which I don’t know how to do.  That was pretty terrible.

The third dream I was in my grandma’s house as were lots of other people from my family some of whom are dead.  I had a laptop and was trying to work.  I kept going to from room to room trying to find a place that was quiet and where I could get a wi-fi signal.  Everyone kept bothering me and I was getting really mad and then I saw that the second upstairs bedroom was empty.  I started to go in there and then my dad said “remember you can’t go in that room?” and I asked why and he said “that’s where we keep the cobra” and I looked and saw a huge cobra sitting on the bed looking smug. 

The fourth and final dream was a quick hit.  I was trying to watch wrestling on my desktop computer but people kept calling my cellphone telephone and interrupting me. 

I would say normally I remember maybe one dream a month.  Not sure what last night was about.

I’ve heard that the cool thing to do now is to say that you had covid back in January or February before it was a big thing.  People are real weird. 

On my blog five blogs ago there was a thing that would show you the top 20 words you used in your blog.  Weird was always one of the top ones for me.  I must think a lot of things are weird.  Which I do. 


  1. The problem with cobras is that they ALWAYS look smug. Probably because they’re cobras. It’s just like I can’t say “I’m sorry” or “sure” without sounding sarcastic. Also I’m guessing cobra is going to show up in that used words list sooner than later. I sure hope flarbnarb shows up in that list somehow.


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