The Ithaca Vortex Triangle Mystery

I feel so sick I had to cancel my booking last night.  I really wanted to get a motel room and sleep but I’m right on the edge moneywise again so I didn’t.  My plan was to drive to my next show and just hope that I felt better.  It wasn’t much of a plan.

While I was driving I suddenly felt fine.  A few miles further and just as quickly I felt awful again.  On a whim, I turned around and went back the way I came, and again I felt fine for a couple miles.  I did that a few times until I mapped out where I felt good. 

I pulled over to the side of the road and sat in my car for a long time not sure what do.  What I decided is that I wasn’t really sick.  What I decided is that it was her making me feel that way. 

Some people in the comments have asked why I say “the Asian girl” instead of a name.  There are a couple reasons.  One of them is that names have power.  That’s one thing Harry Potter got right about magic.  It’s the same reason people used to say Old Scratch or Sam Hill instead of Satan.  You never know who might be listening.

I drove to a gas station and, feeling like an idiot, asked the lady working there if the area had any strange local folklore.  It was like asking a new mother if they had any pictures of their baby.  She talked for a long time.  She kept talking to me while selling people cigarettes and lottery tickets.

The highlights are that Native Americans thought this area was cursed, there’s a house supposedly haunted by a woman who was murdered there, from 1969-1981 someone disappeared in the area once a year every year in October, and people claim to have seen giants in the woods.  Not Bigfoot, giants.

I don’t know why any of these things would result in me being healed or blocking the Asian girl’s magic.  I asked the gas station lady where the cheapest place to stay nearby was.

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