Protecting Nike’s brand reputation is definitely worth putting someone in prison

The problem with my new piece of crap car is that it’s not big enough to sleep in comfortably.  There are not a lot of options in the $500 or less price range.  A camper van would be my dream.  AEPW contacted me about a rematch, part three of the “Irish” Terry McGinn saga.  I thought about saying I would only do it if she explained what the hell she was doing last time.  Instead I just took the booking.  It’s good money and if she tries that shit again I’ll just break her kneecap.

I also got a call from Bloody Mary saying she wanted to work some dates with me “because we work so well together”.  I got in touch with the Bare Knuckle Fighting people and they’re interested.  Things would really be looking up if I didn’t feel like shit.  For several days now I’ve felt tired and drained.  I’ve had indigestion and nausea like crazy, which I never get, and I’ve felt bloated.  Add in a headache on top of that. 

I listened to a podcast about Nate “Grave” Diggers.  He’s a basketball player who was in the NBA for a little while.  He’s in prison now for selling stolen guns.  He was in prison before for selling drugs.  And another time for selling counterfeit Air Jordan shoes.  The hosts spent several minutes talking about how this guy was abandoned by his parents at a very young age, was living on his own on the streets between periods of being in foster care and group homes.  They were saying that’s why he was violent and “wild”. 

I don’t disagree with what they were saying.  I ran away from all the foster homes I was in.  But I didn’t like the way they were saying it.  I can’t explain it but even though I agree with their point that the system is broken, the way they were talking about it pissed me off. 

On the upside, in the abandoned at a young age category of people, as long as I stay out of prison I’ll be doing better than Nate “Grave” Diggers.   It’s good to have goals.

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