Not guilty by reason of insanity

In 1989 three women lured a man into an apartment.  One of them was hiding behind the shower curtain and hit him in the head with an ax.  Their goal was to dismember him, drain his blood, and eat his kidneys.  They believed that this ritual would resurrect Jack the Ripper.  Why would anyone want to bring back Jack the Ripper?  Because the woman with the ax was his mother in her past life.  Of course.

The two women who didn’t hit the guy in the head with an ax were sent to prison for attempted murder.  They’re out now.  The ringleader with the ax was sent to a psychiatric facility.  She’s still there.  She’s crazy regardless, but knowing what I know the question is; was she working magic?  Could she have brought back Jack the Ripper?  How many people in psychiatric facilities or prison really are blood magic people? 

I watched a video of a woman in the lobby of a bank being attacked by dogs.  She lived because she jammed herself in the revolving door and a guy working at the bank got in front of her.  They both got tore up.  Another guy came in and shot three of the dogs.  An article said that it was a bank security guard but it looked like just a guy there at the bank with a carry permit to me. 

The police think the woman’s ex-husband plotted this attack but they can’t say how or why he got attack dogs.  I think it was magic.  Reading through Royale’s notes he talks about summoning and controlling animals being a staple of blood magic practitioners.  There are some journal entries and old news clippings about Bessie and him coming up against a British couple that used dogs to attack their enemies.  He also references a doctor in the 40s named Jason Thompson who used dogs as minions.

What do I do about it?  I suspect that the woman in this video’s ex-husband is a blood magician.  What do I do with that information?  In Royale’s notes he talks about stopping evil users but he doesn’t elaborate.  What did he do?  Did he fucking kill all these people?  I can’t believe that.  So what did he do about it? 

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