Always good for a laugh

Half of my matches at least have been intergender.  Usually because I’m the only woman booked on the show.  Until now I’ve never really had any issues with the guys I’ve worked.  Maybe they shit talk behind my back, but to my face they didn’t care.  A lot of them are newer guys who are just glad to be on the show.  It’s probably some kind of hazing – work with the girl rookie.

That changed last night.   I worked a guy, I kid you not, called Lance Armstrong.  That’s his real name and in the world of wrestling where everyone uses a different name he decided to stick with it.  He looked like Chris Masters only without a stupid face.  I asked him what he wanted to do for our match and he said “How about when we’re out there you try to keep my cock out of your ass?”  He and his crew of douchebags laughed like it was the funniest joke ever told. 

I never met this guy and right out of the gate he goes to threats of anal rape.  Classy.  He must be boys with someone I’ve pissed off.  That could be any number of people.  I really need to work on my people skills.   After that interaction I figured there was no point in talking anything else over about our match.

Once we got out there, he stood in the middle of the ring flexing and ignoring me.  If I tried to do a move he’d shove me away.  The crowd was not pleased by this. Eventually I left the ring, sat in a chair out in the crowd and chanted “bullshit” with them.  I also got them chanting “live strong”. 

Once I gave up and went backstage, the promoter went ballistic.  Shortly thereafter, Lance Armstrong came back and told him that we had worked out a bit where he would flex and then I would roll him up and the match would start in earnest.  He said that I had sandbagged him.  I didn’t bother to argue.

I don’t think I’ll be working for All-Pro Pro Wrestling, or Pro Pro as they call it, again.  I didn’t get paid.  I also didn’t find out what the hell that guy’s problem was with me.


    1. They usually win because that makes it “okay” morally to have man on woman violence, unless the whole reason for the match is to show what a bad person the dude is. Of course if it’s a comedy match the rules are different.

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