What’s in a name?

I watched part of the Undertaker documentary last night.  My main takeaway is that Michelle McCool looks great.  I don’t envy pretty girls often.  Shiny clothes?  Pointy shoes?  Flamboyant make-up?  Complicated underwear.  That is not for me.  But once in a while I do see a woman with a nice hairstyle and I feel jealous of that.  

There’s a scene where Michelle is going around with her husband doing whatever, and her hair is long and blonde and glorious and she’s got like a crown of braids.  I don’t know what it is but it looked great.  I would look ridiculous with long hair but it’s fun to pretend.  

Eric, aka the skinny Macho Man called me today.  His wife left him to shack up with someone else again and he wanted me to put “another” spell on her to take him back.  It reminded me that when I started this blog I thought I was going to start a cult.  Part of the reason the Asian girl has more power than me is that she’s channeling the magic energy of her followers.  

I see now that it’s not going to happen.  It’s a miracle I even have one follower.  I should probably change the name of this blog.  

I told him that I couldn’t help him.  He begged me to meet with him.  I told him where my next few shows were if he wanted to come to me but I reiterated that there was nothing I could do for him.  Some things people just don’t want to hear.

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